U Otter Haiku

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Silver slipper moon

Nixies wrangle lakefly steeds

Dance on crested waves.

Literacy Leaves Me Spellbound

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Just a bit of fun using the words from this year’s Spellbound for Literacy team spelling bee. Spelling bee words are in bold.

Ode to the Spellbound

Break out the kerosene, Chicks, and set that woman with the monocle on fire! “A” or “O” too much a debate – incorrectly chosen makes us want to regurgitate! What say we blame it on the governor? Certainly most of us would acquiesce, and screaming until we have laryngitis will do no good anyway.

So settle down my curmudgeon friends and quaff your cup of discontent in silence. To do any differently might brand you as dysfunctional or at the very least as suffering from anger induced hyperpyrexia.

Night moves on while effervescent minds of the plebeian masses explore their opaque motives. They seek a liege to quell the saboteur that is indecisiveness. Their goal? The resurrection of confidence with no mortgage of principles.

Eventually their spell of dissent no longer gets subcutaneous. So is it merely serendipity that these quotidian Chicks somehow eaked out 8th place in 22?

Just kidding… really. I’m not that kind of bitter single person – not at all. LOL!!

In fact, I received a nice “eye candy…with nuts” card and some yummy treats tonight from my housemates, and a bunch of nice cards from friends and family (including my brother, who I don’t think has sent me a Valentine since we were small children). Very nice day overall.

Bleeding Heart Valentine


Might I also add a resounding “Happy Lupercalia” to those of the Pagan variety too!!

Okay, I’d set a goal of blogging every day, and so far it’s been a losing battle on that front.

But, you know what? After four days spent sitting in a hospital room while my mom under went and recovered from cardiac catheterization for two blockages after suffering a mild heart attack, the idea of daily blogging really does get put into perspective.

You know what I discovered?

The world did NOT come to an end just because I didn’t make that personal goal.

The world did NOT care that I didn’t blather on about my writing, or the Packers, or how I have no motivation or enthusiasm.

The world cared that I stayed at my mom’s side, asked questions of her doctors and nurses when she wasn’t clear enough to do so herself, and called for help when she needed it – whether that be for a meal, a trip to the toilet, or because her chest hurt and she needed some medication. The world cared that I had a spare pair of underwear for her to use, and a cell phone to keep family and friends in the information loop. The world cared that a dear friend made mom’s day (and mine) by bringing her a small jar of Pond’s Cold Cream so her face wouldn’t dry up.

And through this all, you know what I did discover? I have an awesome group of family and friends, and so does my mother. My heartfelt thanks have, and will continue to, go out to those wonderful persons who helped wherever they could. To those who offered help, provided rides and friendly ears and shoulders to lean on, brought coffee and cold cream and laughter. It also goes out to the wonderful doctors, nurses, and support personnel at Meriter Hospital in Madison and Boscobel Hospital and Bluff Street Clinic in Boscobel. And to the wonderful people at Clarity Care where I work.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude, and that’s far better a feeling than that brought about by managing a blogging goal – and that’s the truth.

Okay, so the daily blogging thing isn’t going so well. Not like I expected it to be an easy task, but I had hoped to go more than two days before “forgetting” to do it. Oh well, the gods abhor perfection, so I should be okay in that category.

Monday Again Cat

So, it is Monday again, and my motivation is just short of nothing. I could blame it on the cold, or the fact that it’s Monday, or the fact that I’m just feeling lazy.  But whatever the reason, I’m getting no where fast. So it’s off to work on some writing, or reading, or at the very least maybe do some crafts.

Daily Blogging… Day Two!

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Okay, they (yes… those people) – they say if you do something for 21 days in a row it becomes a habit. I can attest to this principle. It has worked for me in my writing, which I now do daily and feel horribly guilty if I don’t. My 3 am writing last night before I crawled into bed will attest to that. I wonder if it will work for blogging.


Oh horrors! I have to do it EVERY day?

Oh horrors! I have to do it EVERY day?

Yes… every day. And if you miss a day, you have to start over from day ONE again.

I can do it, I know I can. Er… I think. Stay tuned to see if I can do it or not.

Happy New Year!!

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Oh wait, that was a few days ago… er… 18 days ago. Um… yeah, so how’s that New Year’s “regular blogging” resolution coming along? Well, on a positive note it DIDN’T take me a month to do the first post. That’s a plus right? Small consideration that my goal was doing at least a weekly post. I’m only two weeks behind on that one. Guess I’d best cracking on it… oh wait, I guess that’s what I’m doing. Woo hoo! Good girl!!

I Think I'm Broken

Now to get myself untangled, and into a regular routine of posting, and all will be good. Wish me luck!

Done… Done… Done!!!

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Now off to bed.

13K in one day is insane! Note to self: Do NOT do this next year.

NaNoWriMo 2012 Badge

Turkey Day looms…words escape…

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Travel is pending, and five and a half days of net freedom! No FB to distract, no e-mail to entice, no revived blogs to consume more words than I’m putting down on my NaNo story. Time to kick it up a notch and get caught up. My NaNo stats say I only need to write 2300 words a day to finish on time. Hey, that’s doable, right?

Or I can kick it into gear and catch up and then get back to my regular 1667. Uh huh… and if you believe that, I have some lovely land in Mordor to sell you.

Speaking of distractions… I’m freaking out (in a good way) about the new Hobbit movie trailers. I cannot wait for December!!

Happy Turkey Day!!

Happy Turkey Day to all!!

Are you ready for some football!!!

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Yes, still and yet again another reason to avoid working on my NaNo writing. But… but… but… IT’S THE PACKERS!! That makes it okay, right?


Okay, it doesn’t, but if it’s any consideration, I AM working on some crafts while watching the pregame show. That has to count for something… even if it doesn’t improve the word count at all. I think THAT needs some serious resuscitation – the story is definitely on life support.

Oh well… Go Pack Go!!!